Spiegelau Authentis Prosecco Glass

Authentis Prosecco Glass

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A stylish tulip-shaped crystal prosecco glass, also suitable for champagne and sparkling wine.

Developed in collaboration with renowned sommeliers and restauranteurs Spiegelau's prosecco glass is the ideal size and shape for prosecco and sparkling wine

Dishwasher Safe 

Size: Height 22 cm,  Diameter 7cm

Volume: 270ml

This is for a single glass.


Spiegelau has been making high quality crystal glassware since the 16th century.

Spiegelau blend experience in making hand-crafted fine glassware with modern glassmaking practices. 

Crystal glass contains a mineral component that provides strength that allows the glass to be finer. It is stronger and retains clarity, longer than conventional glass.  Generally speaking, the higher the mineral content, the higher the quality of the glass.

Speigelau crystal does not contain lead.  Spiegelau glassware uses their patented Platinum process.  This makes Speigelau glassware more durable, dishwasher safe, break resistant and more brillant and transparent than other glasses.