Duskies Barnado Sunglasses

Barnado Sunglasses


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"Duskies are not your average wooden sunglasses" 

Barnado is crafted from layers of Ebony, Zebrano and Pear woods exposing the natural timber grain for the finish.

Duskies Eco Eyewear is a New Zealand owned and operated Hawkes Bay company.

Each pair of Duskies is handcrafted from specially chosen sustainable materials. 

Due to the nature of wood and wood grains, every pair of Duskies is unique.

Any natural material used in the process is renewable and free from harmful or toxic materials.  

All of the woods used are certified (FSC) FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL, confirming sustainable woods harvested and sourced from accredited and supervised plantations, or are recycled timbers.

Each pair of Duskies Eco-Eyewear is set with Silver spring loaded German hinges, these are stainless steel and waterproof. This adds to the comfort and durability of the sunglasses as they will expand to fix fittingly on a range of different face shapes and sizes. 

The CR39-UV400 polarised grey lenses are scratch resistant.

Each pair of glasses is finished using a natural beeswax varnish to seal and preserve the timber for long lasting endurance against the elements. 

Most Duskies styles of course float due to the buoyancy effect of wood. 

Measurements and style name engraved on the left inside arm.

Measurements: Size: 56-19-148 mm

All Duskies purchased come with a complimentary case, microfibre bag and cleaning cloth.