Entube Cocoa Tamarind Mole Chilli Paste

Entube Cocoa Tamarind Mole Chilli Paste


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Entube's Cocoa Tamarind Molé was inspired by the exotic fragrances and vibrant colors of local markets in Oaxaca that make this region a 'must go' destination for all serious foodies.

Molé – from the ancient Nahuatl word sauce, mōlli – is prepared throughout México in an endless array of colors and flavors. When molé recipes were originally developed in the early 19th century, the mixture of North American, European, and African ingredients made it México's first truly global dish.


Cocoa, Carob, Ancho Chili, Coconut Palm Sugar, Tamarind, Mex hatch Chili, Chili DeArbol, Jacobsen Sea Salt, Acerola Berry, Garlic, Fennel, Allspice, Sweet Smoked Paprika, Fenugreek & Spic

100 gram tube.