Earthend NZ Honey, Kaiteriteri Bush Honey

Kaiteriteri Bush Honey

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A bold, multi floral honey made in the beautiful Kaiterireri, located closeby to Abel Tasman National Park. its creators are true masters of their craft, the coastal enviroment they live making for ideal conditions for beekeping. Rich medicinal honey, this is a rare and vintage batch that can be enjoyed daily by the teaspoon, or paired as a condiment. 

Origin: Kaiteriteri, Neslon
Year: 2016

Flora: Black Beech 25% , Manuka 20% , Kanuka 20% , White Clover10 % , Kamahi 25%

Colour: Gold , Amber Orange ,Sand

Taste: Orange, Pineapple , Berry, Caramel , Toffee , Nut

Storage: Dark , 15°c

Health: Anti-bacterial ,pre-biotic

Pair: Mild Blue Cheese, Zany Zeus Greek Yoghurt , Chocolate esp. dark & nut