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Milk Decoration #34


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It is a strange building that looks like a pagoda set in the middle of the woods. A secret sanctuary, a thousand leagues from the hustle and bustle of the world, that the creatives Ruxandra and Christian Halleroed have erected with the aim of giving themselves a break from their urban daily life and giving their 5-year-old daughter the opportunity to make the most of it. nature experience.

Sharing. Heritage. Transmission.

It is these essential values ​​that we have wanted to celebrate throughout these pages. Legacy, following in the footsteps of George Nakashima, America's greatest woodworker, whose children aged 65 and 78 continue his quest for honest craftsmanship. Sharing, focusing on the work of the young Emma Bruschi who, with her straw clothes, made her attachment to the land the source of her creative practice, making agricultural know-how their letters of nobility. Finally, transmission, by giving the floor to designer Dirk Vander Kooij who has made recycled plastic the raw material for his pieces of furniture made to last for several generations.

In these uncertain times, the poetry of material things that we advocate in our pages, edition after edition, is revealed differently, more deeply, more intimately. While the wide world continues on its mad course ...

Ruxandra and Christian Halleroed, founders of the Halleroed design studio in their cottage in the woods in Sweden. “Satellite” light by Mathieu Matégot, After Burn Villain painting by Kristina Jansson.
Photo: Nin Solis


BOOK - Norma editions dedicate a book to Vera Székely
ZOOM TEXTILE - The “Cordélie” rugs by Hermès
ICONIQUE - The “Fungo” lamp by Gabriella Crespi


The legacy of Nakashima
The children of the master wood craftsman perpetuate his know-how

Mira Sohlén
The textile artist's tufted wool creations

The house's collections are revealed in plays of light and shadow

Alice Waese
The golden fingers of the New York jewelry designer

Emma Bruschi
Her award-winning fashion collection at the Hyères festival

Malene Knudsen
The curvaceous vases of the Swedish ceramic artist

Chloé Nègre
The interior architect and designer signs the decoration of a mountain apartment in Courchevel

Dirk Vander Kooij
The silversmith of the Dutch designer from recycled plastic


Marion Mailaender
In Paris, the open-air apartment of the designer and interior architect

Studio Halleroed
A refuge house in the middle of the woods in Sweden

Giancarlo Valle
The New York designer creates a dialogue between eras

Franck-Jean D'Eugène
In the Gâtinais, the artist has transformed an 18th century barn into a showcase for his works and his collector's items

Ludivine Billaud
The interior architect and designer has rehabilitated a former Parisian textile workshop into a semi-private apartment following the codes of public architecture


Founded by Charlotte Sitbon and Sayaka Kaneko, Balbosté reinvents the codes of catering thanks to poetic creations

In Norfolk, Settle guesthouses founded by Jo and John Morfoot in the middle of the forest

The two season openings with British accents


Winter sweets. Delicate attentions, exceptional gifts and table decorations make up this seasonal selection.